Reviewing Process

Peer Review Process

All papers submitted to JMechE are subjected to a reviewing process through a worldwide network of specialized and competent referees. JMechE practices double-blind peer review where the reviewers don’t know the identity of the author, and vice-versa. The final acceptance/rejection decision will be made by the Editor-in-Chief or the assigned section editor upon recommendation from the reviewers.

Manuscripts submitted through our system will undergo the following editorial workflow during the peer review process:

The peer review process is performed via our manuscript submission system in ScholarOne. Once a manuscript is submitted for publication, the manuscript is screened by the journal’s editorial office to ensure the files are complete and the manuscript is within the journal’s scope and requirements. The editorial office can reject a manuscript prior to review if they deem it unsuitable for the journal.

Upon screening, the manuscript will be assigned to an Associate Editor. The Associate Editor will invite several potential reviewers to provide a peer review report. Based on the peer review report, the Associate Editor makes one of the following recommendations: (i) Reject, (ii) Major Revision, (iii) Minor Revision (iv) Accepted. The authors will be notified of the review report’s result.

Upon manuscript revision, it is mandatory for authors to provide a rebuttal statement. This is to ensure a smoother review process. The manuscript is then reassessed by one or more of the original reviewers before the Associate Editor makes a new recommendation.

Once a manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be published in the next available regular issue.