Checklist for Article Submission

  1. The article is a full article (not a review article), containing original research work that has not been published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. The topic of the study is appropriate to be published in this journal (Please attach the evidence or statement during submission).
  1. The main submission file is in Microsoft Word 97–2003 (*.doc) or higher document file format, with a maximum of 20 typed pages, including tables, figures, and illustrations. [Word Template]
  2. The manuscript strictly follows the journal format.
  3. The discussion about the results is supported with references.
  4. The similarity index must be less than 20% (excluding references).
  5. The number of references should be more than 20, with at least 40% of the references being less than 5 years old, inclusive of at least 2 references from the current year.
  6. References are in the correct format for this journal and are cited in the text.
  7. The manuscript has been “spell-checked” and “grammar-checked.”